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The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia, now only $0.99!

The land has gone. The oceans have disappeared. Fearsome beasts roam the wilds. Only pieces of the earth remain, desolate wastelands where scattered pockets of humanity survive, eking out their small lives. But a handful of people are different. They are rare. But they are strong, resourceful, intuitive- and driven by violence and personal loss. ~Sirrea~ has been locked away in a tower since her birth, alone, for crimes she did not commit. ~Kinek~ is a leader of men, helping his people stave off hunger and desperation- at least for one more day. ~Azola~ is a mighty warrior, and a legend in her own right. Old are the tales of the wanderer in the desert, and they are ancient and terrible. They alone can unlock the mystery of the ruin of the world, and perhaps change the course of the future.

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