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The Swan May

The Swan May

Mordecai is a displaced prince, forced to live as a prisoner under the tyrant who murdered his family and took his throne. When the king demands a new bride, Mordecai sees his chance to escape the court, as well as an opportunity to regain all that he has lost. Yet to succeed Mordecai must undertake an impossible quest- to find the most beautiful woman in the world.


Signe is an immortal shapeshifter who has lived and loved through the ages. Her years now weigh heavily upon her, and she has chosen to remove herself from the mortal world in order to await the one who is her destiny. But Signe cannot turn away when she comes across a gravely injured human, and she unwillingly finds herself drawn into the affairs of men one last time.



The Darling Deaths

and The Girl Who Fell

Two familiar stories take a grim turn when fantasy meets with reality.

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