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Just a little something about myself...

Melinda O'Donnell is the author of Tale of the Moone, The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia, Tale of the Witche, and several short stories.

She resides in a small cottage at the foot of a mountain in California. Being the voracious reader she is, she continued her education to earn a degree in English.

A digital master swordswoman and expert mage, she has saved many worlds countless times, which you can find her doing when she is not writing about her next adventure.

The Swan May is her fourth book.


        Fun Facts
My J

I have many books. I have shelves so full of books, they are doubled on the shelf, usually with a few more stacked on top. I have bookshelves in my closet. I also have boxes of books in my other closet. I have well-worn books that are for reading, and pristine copies of the same book that are strictly for show.

Does any of this stop me from continually buying more books? Of course it doesn't. :)

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