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Tale of the Moone

Imaginative and creative *****

April 29, 2014

I enjoyed the imagination and creativity of the writer and the story. This story awakens and inspires imagination of the young and their parents.My 12 year old son also read and loved the book, and it has inspired him to pursue a new hobby of writing stories alone and with groups as well as other creative writing activities.I loved the story and characters (would like some of their stories to continue) and hope to read more from this author soon. - Katie Roberson


Thought Provoking Tale *****

March 4, 2014

I enjoyed this imaginative world and look forward to reading more of Miss O'Donnell's books in the future.This was a light, quick, enjoyable read and my only disappointment is the next book isn't already out. -April Gill


Creative Fantasy Story *****

March 5, 2014

I found the overall story a fun read. I enjoyed the creativity presented and found myself wanting to [know] more of both the history of the story as well as future adventures. If you like fantasy stories I would recommend this book. -Maureen

March 6, 2014 *****

I just finished it. It is good. It would make a good book club selection. -Sally M



"This was well-crafted & entertaining."

-John O'Neill, editor of Black Gate magazine

The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia


Awesome novel! *****

August 13, 2016
I really enjoyed this novel. I found the characters well developed and the plot interesting. This reminded me of the type of story you would read from Charles deLint. -Maureen

Eightfold Lairs is an imaginative wonderland! *****

 August 22, 2016

I really enjoyed this book. The author's writing style has improved. You are left hanging onto your seat as you explore a very different kind of world. I kept thinking I knew where the story was going and then there would be another twist. -April Gill


I loved the unusualness of the world and the twists that kept me guessing. I loved that I could not predict how it was going to end or where it was going but that it still all flowed together in the end!

- April Gill

November 8, 2016 *****

I read it. It is good.

-Sally M

May 5, 2017 *****

I'm so glad I was lucky enough to win The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia in a giveaway, a story with complex and memorable characters that will always be in my heart.

To be honest, this book's cover and description wouldn't have impressed me enough to buy it at a bookstore, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to realize while reading that, despite the lack of the typical flashy YA-style cover and dramatic fanciful back cover description, I loved it anyway.
The story follows main characters Kinek, Azola, Sirrea, and Braaska: part of a different and extremely rare race of humans called Enduring. In a mostly barren, dying world, Enduring are seemingly randomly born to normal human parents, immediately recognized by their bright glowing skin and terrible burning pain with physical human contact. Enduring also age many times slower than mortal humans, enabling them to appear young after many human lifetimes have passed. The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia is a classic fantasy adventure story filled with the fighting of fearsome beasts, a harrowing journey through many lands, and complex, heartfelt character relationships. I cried several times while reading, not only during the sad parts but because of how attached I grew to the characters and how this story addresses the ideas of knowledge, mortality, love, trust, and betrayal.

The only critiques I have: the pov changes every few paragraphs or so with no visual indication, so for the first hundred pages or so it was difficult to get used to/keep track of, and the long-awaited climax at the end felt a little bit short and dry compared to the great journey that took place to get there.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure or fantasy, or just anyone who loves a good story :)

-Cecilia Cress


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