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Tale of the Moone

ISBN: 978-0991227204

Moone #1


A Magical Journey of Self-Discovery

Kevan and Altair are two very different brothers. One is plagued by nightmares which he cannot explain. The other is an eternal optimist. Despite their differences, the two are inseparable friends who’ve always agreed on everything- until they meet a mysterious girl who has only one dangerous desire. Her freedom.

Half a world away, Mila is a powerful sorceress, and the future of her family's ancient legacy. Accompanied by her stalwart guardian, she will take the first steps towards her destiny.

Protected and illuminated by the bright shining light of the Moone, the land is now bereft of all that once protected it. As the world crumbles on the brink of the very same devastation which crippled it hundreds of years ago, one girl and the boy who loves her will make a startling choice for the future of their world…




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The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia

 The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia

  ISBN: 978-0991227211


The land has gone. The oceans have disappeared. Fearsome beasts roam the wilds.

Only pieces of the earth remain, desolate wastelands where scattered pockets of humanity survive, eking out their small lives. But a handful of people are different. They are rare. But they are strong, resourceful, intuitive- and driven by violence and personal loss.

has been locked away in a tower since her birth, alone, for crimes she did not commit.

is a leader of men, helping his people stave off hunger and desperation- at least for one more day.

is a mighty warrior, and a legend in her own right. Old are the tales of the wanderer in the desert, and they are ancient and terrible.

They alone can unlock the mystery of the ruin of the world, and perhaps change the course of the future.





The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia
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Tale of the Witche

Tale of the Witche

ISBN:  978-0991227228

Moone #2


Darlia isn't exactly a typical witche...

Darlia is a lonely girl living within the safety of the vast Brown Forest. An elemental earth witche, she has power over plants and can even command the earth itself. Placed under a curious curse at birth, she has to prove herself time and again, which isn't easy when she also has a dubious talent for attracting trouble.

​But Darlia isn't alone. She has a friend with the unlikely name of Bob, a spoiled king madly in love with her, a rival witche named Suchee, and Cori, a... well, Darlia isn't sure what Cori is.

​Darlia will one day become Queen of the Brown Forest, but she has a long road ahead of her. If she can survive leaving the only home she has ever known, a series of strange tasks, and traveling the land to hone her magic, she may yet prove herself a worthy successor to her grandmother's legacy.

​Return to a time before Tale of the Moone, and join an adventure that will explore an extraordinary world.




Tale of the Witche
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The Swan May

The Swan May

ISBN: 978-0991227235

Mordecai is a displaced prince, forced to live as a prisoner under the tyrant who murdered his family and took his throne. When the king demands a new bride, Mordecai sees his chance to escape the court, as well as an opportunity to regain all that he has lost. Yet to succeed Mordecai must undertake an impossible quest- to find the most beautiful woman in the world.


Signe is an immortal shapeshifter who has lived and loved through the ages. Her years now weigh heavily upon her, and she has chosen to remove herself from the mortal world in order to await the one who is her destiny. But Signe cannot turn away when she comes across a gravely injured human, and she unwillingly finds herself drawn into the affairs of men one last time.




Coming Soon


Dalion is an accursed man who cheated death itself, doomed to wander the lands alone. When he finds a mysterious woman with no past or memories, strangely ignorant of life, he is intrigued and does his best to protect her, although she has done nothing to earn his trust.


Mirra does not clearly remember what she was, but is trapped within a human shell she is desperate to escape. She will do anything, awaken any fell power, betray all who have helped her, to return to the glory of what she used to be, for she cannot be a mere mortal.


Together, they seek sanctuary in the stronghold of a bandit king who dares to challenge the very order of the world itself, while Dalion tries to flee from his past and Mirra her future.


In a land where the very balance of life and death can bring untold power, their meeting will have dire consequences on the natural order of their world and of all who dwell there.

Coming 2024

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