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Tale of the Moone

Tale of the Moone is free this weekend!

A Magical Journey of Self-Discovery...

Kevan and Altair are two very different brothers. One is plagued by nightmares which he cannot explain. The other is an eternal optimist. Despite their differences, the two are inseparable friends who’ve always agreed on everything- until they meet a mysterious girl who has only one dangerous desire. Her freedom.

Half a world away, Mila, a powerful sorceress, and the future of her family's ancient legacy. Accompanied by her stalwart guardian, she will take the first steps towards her destiny.

Protected and illuminated by the bright shining light of the Moone, the land is now bereft of all that once protected it. As the world crumbles on the brink of the very same devastation which crippled it hundreds of years ago, one girl and the boy who loves her will make a startling choice for the future of their world…

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