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5 Tidbits & Trivia from Tale of the Moone

You can find the complete list on my website!tidbits--trivia/chhy, but I wanted to share a few here that aren't spoilers.

-Dayek's name was originally Keyad. How...ever I decided that it was too close to Kevan's name and eventually switched it. Dayek and Keyad is a palindrome.

-Coriander is an herb.

-Crescent's name was actually Luné . But between not knowing how to make that little accent, and one of my sisters pronouncing it as loony I decided to make the change to Crescent. And yes, that line in the book was based on real life.

-Tilor had a much larger role, such as joining the journey, but by that point the main character roster had grown quite large. I also had Jeremy basically filling his role as comedy relief and having a similar personality.

-This is the only story I have done an outline for. I work much better freestyle. However, it proved invaluable when I was struggling to make the story longer.

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