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So last year, I revealed my plan to release my works more or less in the order I wrote them. Well, this is the more or less part- The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia is not my second full-length work, but my third. But what is the second, you may be asking?

A video game.

Yes, I completely wrote and programmed an entire game using the awesome tool that is RPG Maker. As any fan can tell you, RPG video games are more story than game, a unique blend somewhere in the middle of boo...k and movie.

If you have any interest in creating interactive stories, I suggest you check it out. I'm not telling you it isn't hard work- it is. But it's very rewarding, and can even be helpful setting scenes with written work.

I've completed two games, and are nearly done with a third, co-created with my sister, and I have plans for a few more. Hopefully I can find a way to release them someday, even if it's in a different format.

( I posted the title screen from RPG Maker, because the cover art is horrendous.)


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