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The One Year Thirst

Happy one year anniversary to Thirst! Now available for the new low price of only $0.99! At the time I wrote Thirst, I simply didn't write short stories. I enjoyed developing long involving plots and stories, and couldn't imagine putting together a complete and coherent story with so few words. Now I write them all the time, and in many ways enjoy writing short stories more than novels. They can be very quick and to the point, and written much more quickly. I have been known to write one in a couple of days, especially when I am gifted with a complete dream. With short stories, you don't have to spend time on an endless amount of world building (which isn't always a good thing) or plot extension and fluffing out the word count (which is!). Thirst: A soldier becomes lost in more ways than one when he discovers a forgotten place, and unwillingly stumbles upon his destiny.

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