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Autumnal Update

Well, summer has officially come and gone. I tried my best. The good news is that the book is going really well. It's considerably longer than I planned and this rewrite- yes, I have been essentially rewriting the entire book- has revealed hidden depths to the story that are coming together beautifully. So when is the release date? I'm still aiming for this year, for both versions. The big hold up with the print version of Tale of the Moone was artwork, and although I would love to include artwork in TELoX, I'm not going to hold the publication up for it. So the answer is, hopefully before Thanksgiving. In other news, problems are afoot at Barnes and Noble. As I mentioned earlier, I never authorized the print version. However, there it is. This caused me some concern, because the two versions are different- the formatting was optimized for each platform, and the print version has a few extra features the digital version does not have. And apparently, it is news to Barnes and Noble that they are even selling the print version.

Comments: Antonia de Andalucia (via facebook): Are they paying you for the print versions they are selling?

Melinda O'Donnell: That is part of the problem. You can buy my book on Amazon and resell it if you want, but third party sellers purchasing the book directly from Amazon to sell are blocked, because I don't get any royalties for that.

However, there are a couple for sale on B&N that I never received any money for. And there is the real possibility that version is not the print manuscript, even though it is being manufactured with that ISBN.

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