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I Accidently Wrote a Book

Last Saturday, I was gifted with a very vivid dream. It was so intriguing and interesting that I couldn't get it out of my mind. It seemed to be too long for a short story, and I toyed with the idea of making a video game out of it, but many times I lose the impetus of a project if I put it off for too long. And I have a very long list of unwritten stories. So on Monday afternoon, I decided to try and write it, thinking maybe I could get it done as a novella. And I didn't stop. I've been struck by inspiration before of course, but never like this. Four and a half days, one pen (RIP my one and only clicky InkJoy), and 112 handwritten pages later, it was done. I had written another book. And yes, my poor hand was quite cramped after the ordeal. This is unheard of for me. I'm a slow writer; I know and accept that, although I'm much more productive than I used to be. But I spend YEARS developing characters and plot. I've written short stories in a few days before, but never anything on this scale. I've never even remotely done anything like this, but it was amazing, and I'm thankful for the experience, knowing full well it's not something I'm likely to ever do again. But most importantly, this book has definitely become one of my favorites of the stories that I've written, so the time and effort were well spent.

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