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It's Always Something

Since I'm nearly finished with Tale of the Witche (it's coming. Soon. I hope.) I decided to work on something else. After all, there's more to releasing a book than just the manuscript. But when I started to create the cover, I couldn't find the font I used with Tale of the Moone. To make sure I wasn't simply overlooking it, I went through every single font. Nope. Not there. Thanks to the nice people over on the What the Font forums, I was able to discover the font I had used. Now I just have to download it, and I'm certain it will not be that easy and carry a host of problems of its own. Sigh. In other news, my blog can now be read on my Amazon author's page, thanks to the Goodreads RSS feed. Yep, I have to post on all the places my blog is hosted individually because for some reason my website blog does not have an RSS feed. I have a lot of exciting things planned for this year, and I'll have my New Year Update soon but first: Tale of the Witche!

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