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Tale of the Witche Entry

Tale of the Witche is now listed on Goodreads!

I can technically add my books to the database myself, but I find it's easier not to, as the entries can quickly become messy and riddled with mistakes. It's then almost impossible to correct the errors, as authors cannot edit these listings themselves. (See the Tale of the Moone entry on Goodreads. It lists three editions- there are only two, the ebook and physical versions- it doesn't have the series tag, and the covers were wrong for the longest time.) After some extensive contact I was able to get some of the mistakes fixed, but I finally gave up. It's one of the rare cases where it's just easier not to do it myself.

I'm currently working on the physical version of Tale of the Witche, and I'll set up some giveaways and promotions soon.

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