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Tale of the Witche

Tale of the Witche is now available as a paperback.

Darlia isn't exactly a typical witche...

Darlia is a lonely girl living within the safety of the vast Brown Forest. An elemental earth witche, she has power over plants and can even command the earth itself. Placed under a curious curse at birth, she has to prove herself time and again, which isn't easy when she also has a dubious talent for attracting trouble.

​But Darlia isn't alone. She has a friend with the unlikely name of Bob, a spoiled king madly in love with her, a rival witche named Suchee, and Cori, a... well, Darlia isn't sure what Cori is.

​Darlia will one day become Queen of the Brown Forest, but she has a long road ahead of her. If she can survive leaving the only home she has ever known, a series of strange tasks, and traveling the land to hone her magic, she may yet prove herself a worthy successor to her grandmother's legacy.

​Return to a time before Tale of the Moone, and join an adventure that will explore an extraordinary world.

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